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Dave McCracken
27 Davis Road; P. O. Box 47
Happy Camp, California 96039
Phone: (530) 493-2012 (W)
Email: davemack@promackmining.com


Summary of Qualifications

Twenty years experience in successful management of companies and at sourcing and utilizing the essential elements which are available to get projects accomplished -- particularly under difficult conditions, or in offshore locations, that present special challenges. Proven to be resourceful in the management of emergencies and meeting deadlines. Has traveled and worked extensively abroad. Experienced in making the adjustments necessary in management technique to get projects accomplished in different cultural and political environments. Specializes in building innovative teams that are highly loyal to company goals and management. Ability to create trusting, results-oriented relationships with staff members, and can instill a ďcan-doĒ attitude in others, even on projects where they have little or no previous experience. In excellent physical condition. Can be depended upon to facilitate the improved organization, productivity and financial viability of any project. Has considerable experience in the following areas:


  • Project management

  • Feasibility and business planning

  • Relating with government officials

  • Creation of companies and other entities

  • Proposals, negotiations and contracts

  • Offshore entities and banking

  • Living and working in offshore and/or challenging environments

  • Team building with diverse groups

  • Sensitivity to environmental considerations

  • Management of production


  • Security measures for property and staff

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Retail and wholesale selling

  • Financial planning

  • Manufacturing and product development

  • Specialist in boats and water environments

  • Natural resource development

  • Sourcing and purchasing

  • Writing, publishing & reporting

  • Video production

  • Teaching and public speaking


Work Experience


The New 49erís Prospecting Organization
Director, General Manager                                                            2001-present
27 Davis Road,
Happy Camp, California,
96039 USA; Phone: (530) 493-2012;

Directing and managing the operations of one of northern Californiaís most successful tourist programs (see below).

  • Has expanded the organizationís valuable holdings to seventy-five (75) linear miles of gold-bearing mineral properties along the Klamath, Scott & Salmon rivers, and their tributaries in Northern California.
  • Substantially organized and enlarged the organizationís promotional web site (http://www.goldgold.com/), far beyond anything else within the gold prospecting industry.
  • Choreographed and organized a filming project that culminated in a 10-minute segment promoting the organization in a Travel Channel Special (named ďGold StruckĒ).
  • Conceived and engineered a progressive Group Mining program, which has substantially increased income to the Organization and is actively facilitating the location of new, rich gold deposits. The resulting excitement has caused a surge in new membership sign-ups.
  • Displayed in most of the industry trade shows during the past ten years, and has performed hundreds of lectures & other choreographed promotional events to thousands of people in Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California.
  • Has pushed active membership up to over 2000 active-paying members in the organizationís active membership program. The organization remains on a strong growth-curve.
International Pelagic Resources
Director, General Manager                                                              1998-2001
18 rue Richelieu, Lot 0101M, Mahajanga, Madagascar, 002018

Managed the operations of a commercial fishing company in western Madagascar that harvested, processed and exported 300 tons of fish and prawns per month.

  • Facilitated the acquisition of a $50,000 (US) private development grant from the World Bank.
  • Arranged for the first 11 commercial bottom fish trawling and lobster licenses issued to a private company by the country of Madagascar.
  • Negotiated joint-venture fishing contracts with two commercial fishing companies to bring the first 5 trawling vessels, two commercial lobster vessels, and 6 super trawlers to Madagascar.?
  • Purchased and directed the complete refit, and subsequent operation, of a 65-ton freezer/factory vessel to meet European Union seafood import standards on all systems, including water treatment, employee training in sanitary measures, product handling, freezing and packaging, and all factory systems.
  • Created a marketing program to sell and export over 5,000 tons of fish and prawns to markets in Asia, South Africa and Europe.
  • Oversaw all essential banking & export functions, including negotiating letters of credit.
  • Located sources, and completed purchasing arrangements, to provide equipment and supplies to fishing operations in Madagascar from dozens of suppliers in both Thailand and South Africa.
  • Organized an offshore holding company with all the vital international banking functions.
  • Developed and implemented appropriate security systems for property and staff.
Pro-Mack Mining
Director, General Manager  
3 - 17, Apartment D, Carmen Street, Santa Maria Village 2, Balibago, Angeles City, Philippines http://www.promackmining.com

Managed all of the essential operations of a commercial mining company specializing in underwater gold mining operations and international consulting services.

  • Developed and refined modern small-scale commercial underwater mining techniques into standardized, innovative teamwork systems, and defined them for the industry into published manuals on the subject.
  • Trained and organized professional consulting teams that provided prospecting services, feasibility work, and performed start-up mining projects under contract to other companies in Alaska, California, Indonesia, Cambodia, Madagascar, Canada, and other countries in South and Central America, Asia and in Western Africa.
  • Facilitated the development, construction, and start-up operation of leading-edge underwater commercial mining equipment for numerous operations in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  • Directed and managed operations for the largest commercial suction-dredging gold mining operation in the state of California. Operated suction dredges up to 16-inches in size.
  • Developed a curriculum and presented structured on-the-job training programs in commercial underwater gold dredging techniques, hosting over 100 students from around the world.
  • Developed and implemented appropriate security systems for property and staff in a number of different locations.
Modern Gold Minerís Association
Director, General Manager                                                            1994-1996
27 Davis Road, Happy Camp, California, 96039 USA

Managed the key programs for a professional association having the purpose to promote and maintain the continued rights of small-scale gold miners in California under the 1872 federal mining law.

  • Directed all essential elements to publish a 64-page, internationally-distributed, full-color magazine (circulation 50,000), including acquisition of advertising, compilation of editorial content, final decisions over quality and color content, coordination with regional and national magazine distributors, organizing to meet critical production and printing deadlines, and financial planning to support the program.
  • Oversaw the creation of a substantial promotional and informational web site http://www.goldgold.com.
  • Initiated a monthly membership newsletter.
  • Expanded active membership to over 3,000 paying members.
  • Provided key participation and leadership in the development of three California statewide environmental impact statements.?
  • Directed litigation efforts on several important, contentious issues between the small-scale mining community and regulatory agencies within the State of California. Acknowledged as an expert witness in both State and federal court.
  • Planned and led numerous successful lobbying programs upon local, State and federal levels of government, which resulted in reducing unnecessary, burdensome regulation upon small-scale mining activity within California.
  • Created and managed fund raising programs that generated over $100,000 in donations to support lobbying and litigation efforts on behalf of the industry.
New Era Productions
Director, General Manager                                                              1993-present
27 Davis Road, Happy Camp, California, 96039 USA.
Phone: (530) 493-2014

Managed the day-to-day operations of a sales and manufacturing company that produced equipment and supplies for the small-scale mining industry worldwide.


  • Directed a small factory (12-man teams) that operated in three full shifts per day, at full capacity.
  • Oversaw the development, manufacturing processes, marketing & distribution of dozens of new products.
  • Managed the streamlining of numerous manufacturing processes, including more than a dozen plastic rotational molds, and hundreds of production jigs to fabricate components more efficiently out of steel, aluminum and plastic materials.
  • Organized sources of materials & supplies, and credit, from over 100 suppliers located a considerable distance from the factory.
  • Directed international marketing efforts, which included the creation of video productions, color brochures, magazine advertising, and the creation and distribution of a 100-page equipment & supply catalog.
  • Developed an international dealership network of 50 outlets (with a full-credit system in place) for company products.
  • Oversaw the essential operations of a fully-stocked 4,800-square foot retail/wholesale outlet (computerized inventory control), which included domestic & international sales through mail order, email, over the phone, and through walk-in public.
  • Directed the creation of a full prospecting Shopping Cart on line.
The New 49erís Prospecting Organization
Director, General Manager                                                             1986-1993
27 Davis Road, Happy Camp, California, 96039 USA

Directed and managed the operations of one of northern Californiaís most successful tourist programs.


  • Facilitated the acquisition of over fifty linear miles of gold-bearing mineral properties along the Klamath river and its tributaries in Northern California, and substantial properties in other states.?
  • Conceived and engineered a progressive tourism program (with a gold mining theme), which involved hundreds of people at times, performing small-scale mining operations upon public and private lands in several different states. Harmoniously coordinated normal activities and numerous special events with all local, State and federal agencies to meet acceptable regulatory guidelines, and successfully managed the program having minimal problems with the authorities.
  • Displayed in many dozens of industry trade shows, and performed over 100 lectures & other choreographed promotional events in Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and all over the State of California.
  • Presented educational and promotional hands-on programs for thousands of tourists who visited the programís mining properties in Idaho, Oregon, Arizona and headquarters location in Northern California.
  • Signed up over 500 active-paying members (at a value of $3,500 each) in the organizationís active membership program.

Military Experience

  • Graduated with honors from Class 77 of the US Navy UDT/SEAL training program in Coronado, California.
  • Served with UDT-12 (San Diego) for three years. One tour of duty with the special SEAL submerged delivery (SDV) systems research and development project.
  • Extensive training and experience in survival techniques, explosives, firearms, handling of small boats, underwater systems, critical team management, first aid, security of personnel and property, with some experience in performing anti-terrorism assessments.

Professional memberships

  • Western Mining Council, lifetime honorary member
  • National Association of Underwater Instructors
  • U.S. Navy UDT/SEAL Association

Community activities

  • Lions International since 1988
  • Approved foster care home, Siskiyou County, California

Publications and Copyrights


  • 3 professionally-produced videos on personally-developed modern gold mining techniques (including extensive underwater footage)
  • 4 published books on modern gold mining techniques
    Dave's Books and Videos
  • 1 professionally-produced infomercial for television viewing, nationally broadcast
  • Many dozens of published articles and adventure stories
  • Published 65 issues of a full-color, internationally-distributed publication,
    Gold & Treasure Hunter Magazine

Dave's Biography

Dave's Adventures!



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